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  • Social security.
  • Including catering, accommodation and other subsidies.
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  • Statutory holidays, other statutory paid holidays and annual leave.
  • Free birthday present, as well as company annual meeting.

This is an industry that creates a beautiful and intelligent future. The company is a national high-tech enterprise with dreams, missions, feelings and social responsibility. We are a team of dreamers who are united, friendly, mutually supportive and passionate; we are "business partners" and even "dream partners." If you have feelings, have dreams, and are willing to fight for it, welcome to join us to work together to create miracles and realize the value of your life.

Please send your resume to info@csippower.com, please indicate the position you are applying for.

Cell Engineer


1.Develop new products according to company’s planning and market needs.

1.1.Develop new models according to the requirements; complete the evaluation and verification according to the requirements of TS16949, obtain the relevant certifications and lead in mass production.

1.2.Develop new processes and technologies; continuously optimize battery performance and reduce costs.

2.Optimize production processes; basic system application and basic data collection.

2.1.Optimize processes formulation, improve performance, and reduce costs.

2.2.Optimize material system to improve performance and reduce costs.

2.3.Collect and improve basic testing data.

3. Formulate related documents

3.1.Processes data & tooling list formulation and related engineering issue updating.

3.2.Preparation of product specifications

3.3.Preparation of processes drawings and material drawings.

4. Making samples

4.1. Provide qualified samples according to the market’s needs

5. Submit project report timely

6. Assistant and support other departments

Job requirements:

1. Education Background: Bachelor degree or above

2.Major: Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Chemical engineering, etc.

3. Knowledge range: have learned and been trained in chemical engineering, electrochemistry, lithium battery design, etc.

4.Working experience: More than 2 years experience in R&D of lithium batteries, familiar with the design and processes of lithium batteries, can write processes documents and familiar with the application of various material systems.

5.Competence and quality: good character, familiar with CAD drawing, OFFICE and other office software, skilled at 6δ, SPC, APQP, DFMEA are preferred.

6.Qualification: CET4 or above

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