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The company participated in the 2018 Munich International Electronic Components Expo

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      In order to continue to explore the international market of China's electronic products and promote the development of China's electronic foreign trade, our company organized a delegation to participate in the 2018 Munich International Electronic Components Exhibition held in Munich, Germany from November 13th to 16th, 2018. (electronica 2018).  

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In 2018, the International Electronic Components Exhibition in Munich, Germany began in 1964. after more than 40 years of healthy development, every two years, it has become the top event in the global electronics industry, and the largest in Europe and the world. The most influential professional exhibition of electronic components has been successfully held for 27 sessions.

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The major suppliers of components and components in the world's electronics and inspection systems are participating in the exhibition. Elites from the electronics industry around the world gathered in Munich to share the development of the global electronics industry over the past two years and the future of the e-market. By then, well-known electronics companies from all over the world will launch their latest achievements;

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A large number of professional visitors will not only hang around with dazzling new products and new technologies, but they will also search for their favorite customers and sign cooperation agreements.

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The full range of exhibiting products and services, the leading position of the exhibition in the electronics industry, the participation of industry heavyweights in the exhibition and the internationality of exhibitors are the most attractive factors of electronica at the Munich International Electronic Components Expo. At the same time, the Munich International Electronic Components Expo also held a variety of professional seminars and forums. The theme of “Green Electronics” was discussed throughout the exhibition, attracting many industry professionals to participate;

The company participates in industry exhibitions, not only actively seeks customers, strives to expand new customers, maintains old customers, strengthens communication with Chinese and foreign companies, and seeks new cooperation opportunities. At the same time, we must put brand promotion in a prominent position, strengthen cooperation with industry news media, strengthen positive publicity, and establish positive energy.

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